May Day 2014 in PDX!

Fellow Workers!

On Thursday, May 1, we invite you to march with the I.W.W. during the May Day celebration in downtown Portland!

ALL WORKERS are welcome to join us! Our strength lies in our numbers, and working class solidarity is our goal and the tool with which we will create a better society within the shell of the old.

We’ll see YOU on May Day, at Park Ave. & SW Main St. in downtown Portland, at 3:00pm!

(look for the red balloons!)

May Day 2014 – People Over Profit! on Facebook

March with the I.W.W. on May Day!

Music for the Working Class – Sept. 2013

The Portland IWW’s monthly Music for the Working Class returns on Wednesday, September 25 at the Red & Black Cafe!


Special guests: The Synthicalists, and more!

AND don’t miss a special presentation by the Portland IWW’s Food and Retail Workers United!

Every Wednesday is Worker Wednesday at the Red & Black Cafe! All union members and service industry workers get discount prices on food and drinks!

Direct Action Spring Training

The Portland Solidarity Network and We Are Oregon invite you to attend a series of trainings on the basics of community organizing and building grassroots resistance.

Training #1 – Sunday, March 3rd:
Organizing and Building Relationships

  • Defining Your Issue
  • Making Successful Contacts
  • Creating a Framework for Action

Training #2 – Sunday, March 10th:
Taking Action and Escalating

  • Planning an Action or Short Campaign
  • Carrying out What You’ve Planned
  • Developing Goals, Strategy, and Tactics

Training #3 – Sunday, March 17th:

  • Advertising and Promoting Your Campaign
  • Spreading Your Message
  • Developing a Media Strategy

All Trainings Will Be Held at:
1:00 PM at SEIU Local 503
6401 SE Foster Rd. in Portland
Snacks will be available (Vegan Options)
All Trainings Are Child-Friendly!
We will have a space for children with trained attendants.

Please contact the Portland Solidarity Network at (503)-446-6065 (voicemail) or to RSVP or if you have any questions.

“We Are The Working Class” Art Reception

Friday, September 7th @ 7:00pm

Red and Black Cafe 400 SE 12th Ave. 97214

“We Are The Working Class” is a collection of images that are meant to remind us of the broad spectrum of the working class, both in the physical make up, and the broadness of the work we do. This project came out of the seeds dropped by the Portland IWW’s Patriarchy Resistance Committee (PRC) made of non-cis males, women, & those not fitting into the gender binary.

During one of PRC’s workshops an attendee said, “I didn’t know that there were women Wobs!” The workshop pointed out how the imagery we use reflects on who will be our members. The IWW has long relied on imagery of white muscle bound men to represent the working class. We need to look forward to imagery, music, literature, etc that will represent ALL of the working class.

This is our first step; we probably won’t reach perfection, but we hope it will get us walking in the right direction. The art you see is both contemporary & pulled from the recent past. We hope to inspire more revolutionary imagery to hang on the walls that will be built on the ashes of the old!

8/29 Music for the Working Class!

Come enjoy music from I Wobble Wobble, General Strike, one of our beloved fellow workers, Portland Radical Chorus! As always Music for the Working Class will be held on the last Wednesday of the month (August 29th) at the Red and Black Cafe. Music starts at 7 and pushes on into the night when the Red and Black closes.

Join in the fun and the conversation, as the working class learns to organize themselves out of the clutches of the capitalist employing class.


Music for the Working Class May Day Fundraiser!

  • Wednesday April 25th
  • 7pm – 10:30pm
  • Red & Black Cafe (SE 12th & Oak)

Join the Portland IWW and the May Day Coalition as we sing and dance to working class music!

This will not only be a celebration to get all us Rabble Rousers pumped for May 1st but also to raise some funds to make May Day as awesome as it should be!

Remember this is also Worker Wednesday which means discounted beer for union members!

Cory Sabin and I Wobble Wobble will be performing.

There will also be a raffle! So bring some cash for some great items!


Junior Wobblies May Day Float!

Do you have a kid that might want to make a float for the May Day march?
All ages welcome! All kids welcome!
Parents do not have to be in the IWW for kids to participate.

Junior Wobblies is going to decorate a bike cart for the march, using our imagination and materials from SCRAP.

Please send an email with your snail mail address to:
so we may send an invitation to your child.


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