I.W.W. Regional Organizing Summit in Portland

Please complete this form to register for the Regional Organizing Summit which will be held on the weekend of May 2-4, 2014.

There is a $10-20 registration fee for attending the whole weekend, with a $5-10 registration fee for only attending either Saturday or Sunday.
(Breakfast & lunch will be provided both days, and there will be options for those with dietary restrictions)

Check-in will be open Friday afternoon where you will pay your registration fee and receive a printed packet. There will be a social event in the evening where folks will get a chance to meet each other.

Saturday and Sunday will be full of workshops and discussions from about 10am to 5pm at the Portland IWW hall which is located at 2249 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214 and is wheelchair-accessible.

There will also be a social event Saturday evening.

More details will be sent out including a digital version of the packet as the summit gets closer.

Please register by April 25 if possible. The sooner we know how many people will be attending, the better we can plan!

We’re looking forward to the opportunity to bring Wobblies in the region together!

Register for the Regional Organizing Summit today with this form

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May Day 2014 in PDX!

Fellow Workers!

On Thursday, May 1, we invite you to march with the I.W.W. during the May Day celebration in downtown Portland!

ALL WORKERS are welcome to join us! Our strength lies in our numbers, and working class solidarity is our goal and the tool with which we will create a better society within the shell of the old.

We’ll see YOU on May Day, at Park Ave. & SW Main St. in downtown Portland, at 3:00pm!

(look for the red balloons!)

May Day 2014 – People Over Profit! on Facebook

March with the I.W.W. on May Day!

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Support PSU Faculty!

We support the PSU Faculty & Academic Professionals in their fight for a strong student-centered contract.


Petition to support the educators & academic professionals at PSU

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An Introduction to the I.W.W. – in Spokane, WA!

On Saturday, April 12, Wobblies from the Portland General Membership Branch will be traveling to Spokane, WA to present the Introduction to the I.W.W. class!

All workers welcome! Learn more about the key principles and values of the Industrial Workers of the World and learn what the I.W.W. is doing to improve working conditions – and how you can get involved.

Register for this free class by following this link!

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Donate to the Portland I.W.W.

Hardship Fund:
A fund to help support fellow workers fired for organizing on the job.

Organizing Fund:
A donation to the Organizing Fund helps support our organizing campaigns and training program.